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A must see for over 25 years the Cahors Blues Festival,

the bluest of blues festivals, will stir you…

Numerous talented artists will let you share their pleasure,

joy and emotion. 





Life of the campsite





Built more than 2000 years ago on a peninsula in a loop

of the Lot river, magnificent Cahors crosses the centuries.

An important commercial town and a stop on St James’ Way (called in France  “Le Chemin de St. Jacques de Compostelle”).

Water, stone, valley, the causse plateau, monuments, architecture, rural heritage… lead visitors on the trails of the past.

Sun and light, colours, smells and tastes…

the charms of the south in all seasons.


 The Valentré Bridge, symbol of the town of Cahors, is the most beautiful and well conserved medieval bridge in Europe.

It is one of the most important examples of military architecture from the Middle Age.

Discover its mysterious legend with the following image…


The legend of the Devil’s Bridge

The bridge is an exceptional construction, 140m long, which despaired its constructor. He had to make a pact with the devil in order to finish the construction works. To save his sole, the architect asked the demon to bring him water in a crible (a sort of sieve). Unable to fulfill this request the devil, enraged, cast a curse on the stone at the summit of the tower at the middle of the bridge. No stone has ever stayed in this place… It was only in 1878 that the architect Paul Gout fixed the missing stone into place, with the image of the devil engraved on it. Since then the stone has not moved!

During your strolls around Cahors, you will certainly visit La Barbacane and the Tower of the Hung,

relics of the powerful walls that fortified the town.


You will have the pleasure of strolling around the market every Wednesday and Saturday and during the night markets where traders offer all types of products on a market more than 1km long. Wine makers and other producers will invite you to discover the delights of Quercy… flea market, hustle and bustle, musicians of the street…


On board the little train you can enjoy a 45 mn guided tour around the town and its historic districts. 


For an original and different way to discover Cahors : River cruises on the Lot, one hour or a full day…

Viewed from the water, everything is more beautiful…

To visit CAHORS,

just 10mn from the campsite pass the curser slowly over the centre of the images.

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