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The goose farm

The living geese museum is unique in Europe.

Situated in Collonges la Rouge, one of the most

beautiful villages in France.

A giant game of Goose allows you to discover the geese,

ducks, turkeys, chickens, rabbits… in liberty and provides explanations about Geese in mythology, the feather,

writing, breeds, their life.. but also walnuts,

truffles, Quercy, Collonges and the Viscount of Turenne, nautre, tales and legends of the region…






Life of the campsite



Guest Book


Saint Pierre Lafeuille près de Cahors
Rocamadour dans le Lot
Pech Merle
Saint Cirq Lapopie
Padirac dans le Lot 46
Lacave dans le Lot
rocamadour les aigles
Gramat dans le Lot
Rocamadour forêt des singes
Crayssac près de Cahors
Rocamadour dans Le Lot
St Pierre Lafeuille près de Cahors
Crayssac près de Cahors
Rocamadour rocher des aigles
Gramat Lot 46
Lacave dans le Lot
Rocamadour forêt des singes
Saint Cirq Lapopie dans le Lot
grotte de Pech Merle
Padirac dans le lot

Saint Pierre Lafeuille

The town is situated in the hills around Cahors with viewing points over the surrounding valleys. The major sites are the Château Rousillon and …

 the Quercy Vacances campsite…

Farmers markets every Friday from

5 pm to 7:30pm in July and August 

Signed trails allow you to enjoy magnificent hiking


The pterodactyl beach of Crayssac

Crayssac is the Sixtine chapel of palaeontology, a unique site in the world in terms of the number and diversity of the marks and bones which exist, from pterodactyls to dinosaurs, from tortoises to crocodiles…

140 million years ago, at the end of the Jurassic Age, the region was on the coast at the depths of a lagoon… 

The forest of monkeys

An animal park with an original concept which presents more that 130 Magots monkeys in complete liberty in

a natural environment of over 20 ha. 


The Animal Park of Gramat

In 40 hectares, 150 species of animal, 1000 wild animals such as wolves, lynxes, bears, otters, bison, cervids… Pure pleasure for young and old alike… 


Eagles’ rock

Hundreds of rare birds from the entire world in ideal conditions and suited to their biological needs. It’s also an exhibition of parrots and a symphony of colours…


Chasm of Padirac

The most famous chasm in Europe, Padirac is considered to

be one of the greatest geological curiosities in France.

According to legend the devil in person created the Chasm of Pedirac during a challenge launched by St Martin in order to recuperate his bag of damned souls. The devil stamped on the ground and a gaping hole appeared. St Martin crossed the obstacle with his horse and won the challenge saving the soles. In rage, Satan disappeared into the depths of the chasm… 


The caves of Pech Merle

Pech Merle is a true sanctuary 20 000 years old.

It is an almost unreal place where natural beauty

and art are superbly mixed.

Pech-Merle is one of the oldest known caves

of the Paleolithic Age.

It was decorated by the Cromagnon men...

The Caves of Lacave

Throughout this magnificent journey underground you will be in permanent marvel. From the room of mirages which offers the sight of a swallowed town,

to the greatest treasure of Lacave, the room of marvels (2000m² where the effects of the black light make the living concretions phosphorescent). 

Saint Cirq Lapopie

This village situated in the cliffs of the Lot valley among the catacombs of prehistory, is somehow magical illustrating all its medieval mystery.



Sacred city,

relic city, incrusted in the rocks,

Rocamadour has a magnificent spiritual

and humanist history.


To discover Cahors and our magnificent region Lot, slowly pass the curser over

the centre of the images