Dwarf goats, chickens ... our family continues to grow!

The campsite's mini-farm allows children and adults to interact with our animals. Every week during the season, we offer our campers the opportunity to accompany us while we feed the goats and chickens.


In addition to sharing this moment with us, you will be able to drop off your leftover food or food preparation at the mini-farm every day. The animals will be delighted and so will the planet!


Indeed, thehe Quercy Vacances campsite is committed to a natural and ecological approach. On the one hand, by creating its own mini-farm which will continue to grow and on the other hand, by raising awareness, and even encouraging the youngest and the oldest to control their consumption and their impact on our beautiful planet. 

Meet the goats Biscotte, Cracotte, Chouquette, Sucrette!

Brown sugar, Vanilla and other chickens ...

And more hairy friends to come soon!