Quercy Vacances | 5 specialities to discover the gastronomy of the Lot

The Lot region is known for its historic tourist sites, the beauty of its small villages, and for being an ideal holiday destination for rejuvenation. But not only that! It is also a land of excellence, where you can find many culinary specialities, from the most refined dish to the most comforting. And because having a good holiday also means pleasing your taste buds, here are 5 specialities from the Lot that you can discover at the Quercy Vacances campsite.


Why not start with a refreshing drink? Because beer is an essential part of our terrace breaks, Quercy Vacances has sought out the best in the region. Although brewing is an art that is mostly practised in the north, the Lot region is lucky enough to have a master brewer: Christophe Ratz.

Established since 2001 at the gates of Cahors, the Ratz brewery offers a wide range of beers, prepared in Quercy. All the beverages are handcrafted, made with a love of the craft. A true craftsman, Christophe Ratz has acquired his experience in renowned breweries in Belgium and England.

The taste is obviously there, but that's not the only advantage you'll find with Ratz beers. They are natural and unpasteurised, with a unique recipe for each one.

And there's something for everyone: blond, dark, white or amber, there's no end to the variety of flavours on offer. Want to try organic beers? It's possible!

With Ratz and Quercy Vacances, enjoy a unique and authentic know-how with our regional beer tastings.

If there is one place where tradition and know-how are preserved, it is at Maison Delfour. Since 1920, the recipe of its artisanal biscuits has been preciously preserved, to the delight of consumers. At the first bite, you will quickly understand why Maison Delfour has stood the test of time. Here, everything is made in Occitania, the birthplace of the family business.

Many flavours are offered and all the cakes are made from carefully selected ingredients from the regions of France. Discover maryleines (original and emblematic product), crunchy cakes, shortbread, gingerbread, and many other things... in short, something to satisfy any gourmet!

Today, the fourth generation of the Delfour family has taken over the biscuit factory, bringing a modern vision, while respecting the know-how that has made the success of these master pastry chefs. It is for this quality and unique taste that the Quercy Vacances campsite has decided to let visitors discover these exceptional products. A must in the Lot region!


If the Sudreau grocery shop is still open after 130 years of existence, it is not for nothing. Present in Cahors since 1887, Sudreau will delight lovers of fine food. Like the Delfour biscuit factory, Sudreau has a long history of family tradition, where the quality of the products offered takes precedence over everything else. A credo: to preserve the authenticity and flavour of genuine home-made products.

And there is no shortage of gourmet dishes to give your aperitifs an exceptional taste! Rillettes, terrines, charcuterie, old-fashioned Périgord black ham and many other products are waiting for you to taste them.

Looking for even more refined local dishes? Sudreau offers foies gras made in the south-west of France, from French ducks from the region. You can't miss a truffle tasting if you want to discover the local products. What more could you ask for to treat yourself?

domaine vin lacoste

If the department is famous for all its culinary specialities (such as rocamadour, truffles, foie gras and many other things), the lot is also known for its wines of character. Among the independent winegrowers of Cahors, the Lacoste estate, an 18-hectare territory in the heart of the Quercy Blanc, is renowned for the quality of its products.

All the wines have the AOC label, which certifies the origin of all the ingredients that make up your drink and guarantees the origin of the territory (in this case, the Coteaux du Quercy and IGP côtes du Lot). Wishing to take an even more ecological approach to provide the most natural products possible, the plots are in conversion to organic farming.

You will be able to taste red, white or rosé wines according to your preferences, always with the assurance of savouring a wine of character, made with the love and the requirement of the profession.

5 - Les Ruchers de Brouelle | Honey producer


Today, more than ever, beekeeping plays an important role in the preservation of our environment. Much more than a simple honey producer, the beekeeper and his bees encourage and stimulate the pollination of the surrounding area, which makes him an essential link in the productivity of neighbouring ecosystems. A good way to combine the useful with the pleasant!

At Quercy Vacances, you can taste honeys from Ruchers de Brouelle, a neighbouring producer with a passion for his work. Summer flower honey, honey from the Moissac hillsides, or Erica heather honey, rediscover the pleasure of an authentic taste - all while encouraging local and artisanal production!

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