Family holidays in Quercy | Why camping?

Family holidays are more complicated to organise than a simple holiday for couples or friends. It's all about keeping the whole family happy, and as we know, children don't have the same expectations as parents. So how do you combine the well-deserved rest that the grown-ups need with the children's desire to get out and about? The answer is quite simple: choose camping!

Stay as close to nature as possible... in a location that suits you!

Our lives are punctuated by work, shopping, children and much more. Holidays should therefore serve one purpose: the disconnection from our daily lives, which is essential to properly recharge the batteries. To let yourself be carried away without worrying about the next day, to enjoy the sun and to taste the local food will be your only concern at Quercy Vacances. But more than that, we offer you a green setting where you can reconnect with nature.

It's honestly hard to describe it without being poetic. You'll discover silence, forests that reach out to you only minutes from the campsite, trails for hiking enthusiasts. You can also show your children what a real starry sky looks like... and enjoy it yourself every night!

And to do this, there is no need to skimp on comfort. As you get older, you may be reluctant to pitch your tent, despite the need for nature. Don't panic: for years, camping has been modernising, offering a wide choice of accommodation according to your tastes, your desires and the number of people. Between mobile homes, cabins on stilts, chalets and the new safari tents, you will be able to find the ideal compromise that will meet all your expectations!

The Lot region: a source of wonder for young and old

It's impossible not to mention the beautiful region of the Lot, Cahors and the places to visit. If you are the type of person who likes to explore everything, there are plenty of places to discover in the area around the Quercy Vacances campsite. Just a ten minute drive away is the city of Cahors, a city of art and history and a must see in the Occitanie region. The atypical architecture, testimony of our history and nugget of our heritage, will make all your walks magnificent.

And if you're not really interested in the sights, the region is known for its vineyards, local gastronomy and markets. The Lot is home to the best truffles, Rocamadour cheese, honey from the Causses and much more!

To find out more about the area and what to visit in the vicinity, please read our article on the subject, or ask us directly! We will be happy to answer your questions.

Activities for everyone!

With Quercy Vacances, there is no need to drive miles to satisfy everyone. Within the campsite itself, you will find a range of different activities for all ages and tastes. Whether you like to stroll, play pétanque or swim, Quercy Vacances has it all! Are you ready to go? Then let's take a look at what the campsite has to offer.

∙ The sports field: a fun way to exercise

Among our leisure facilities, a multi-sports ground, a bowling green and a fitness area await you. No matter how you like to exercise, you won't have to look far to find what you are looking for. While enjoying the sunshine, you can try your hand at ball games, sharing a special moment with the little ones.

And if you want to let your children have fun while sipping an iced tea, the playground will make every parent happy. The playground is visible from the terrace and is fenced in for your children's safety.

Want to get rid of the excesses of the previous day? There's nothing like a fitness session to make you feel better about yourself!

For a break in the shade, especially for teenagers, there are indoor games: billiards, table football, darts, as well as an area with self-service games. What more could you want?

∙ The swimming pool: the essential for a good holiday

With the fine weather in the south, how can you do without a watering hole? At Quercy Vacances, we are very lucky to have a swimming pool perched high in the oak forests. With a diameter of 16 metres, you will not feel cramped when you feel like taking a dip to cool off. A beach is available for sunbathing between swims. And we haven't forgotten the most important thing: keeping the whole family happy. A paddling pool for the little ones, a children's slide and a swimming pool await you.

For those who want a more intimate and zen moment, a spa, jacuzzi and sauna are nestled under an open-air veranda, which offers a magnificent view over the valley.

∙ A mini educational farm, for young and old

What could be cuter than to see a child marvelling at animals? (Just like their parents, even if they don't always recognise it). Our educational mini-farm allows young and old alike to interact with the animals. Dwarf goats, chickens and rabbits are pampered every day for your pleasure.

But much more than a simple attraction, our mini-farm is part of an ecological vision. By creating this space and our own vegetable garden, we continue to grow each day our eco-responsible approach, whether it is thanks to organic products or by making a compost with the waste of the holidaymakers. A good way to combine the useful with the pleasant and to make the youngest aware of the maintenance of biodiversity!

We could, of course, have talked about the parties organised at our campsite, the grocery shop, the local gastronomy in our bar-restaurant, and many other things. One article is not enough! But if there is one thing to remember, it would be this: Quercy Vacances is a family affair and we strive every day to keep this spirit within our small business. Because that is the definition of a family campsite: to be able to satisfy everyone, without leaving anyone out.

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